Deer Creek Lake Trail

The Deer Creek Lake Trail starts from Utah Highway 12 on Boulder Mountain on the Boulder side of the summit. The trail is one of my favourites because, although it is enough of a climb to be good exercise, it is never steep enough to hurt the knees. You can make the hike as long as you like by using the Great Western Trail which crosses it.

After ascending the initial slope there are great views back over Grand Staircase to the east.
The trail crosses a number of meadows between groves of Aspen trees.
Janet joined me for the hike and Frikka wanted to show off her new fall fashion jacket just in time for hunting season.

We met David and Chantelle from Spanish Forks on their way down from the lake, they had spent some time fishing but without any luck. Biff photo-bombed of course.
 The trail monster in the trees...
The very first signs of autumn were about here and there.
Janet was looking forward to the dogs getting a swim in Deer Creek Lake, but the lake was surrounded by lumpy marshy…

Sand Creek's Icy Cthulu

After being threatened with 'record shattering' low temperatures it was a balmy 43F in the afternoon for the dog walk on Sand Creek, there was some evidence of colder temperatures though.

Hiking Spring Creek Canyon - December 2015

Spring Creek Canyon is just south of Kanarraville and just north of Kolob Canyon near I15 in Utah. It's a beautiful canyon in the spring with lots of flowers and a nice little stream, I hadn't been there in the winter before.

Frikka was with us but she mostly kept to the trail, her legs were too short for the deeper snow and she got spooked a couple of times by ice falling from the walls.

Before The Storm, Velvet Ridge

Snow is forecast for tomorrow but today is a windless warm day, good day for a longer ride up on the Velvet Ridge above Torrey

I don't usually use the digital zoom but on the Samsung S6 it seems to do a pretty good job at low magnifications, this is the max 8x zoom, a bit fuzzy but not terrible.

I wonder what the scenery will be like tomorrow...

This ride brought up 200 miles on my Specialized mountain bike.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

I've been exploring the San Rafael Swell for about 20 years now and lived nearby for the last 11 yet somehow I hadn't previously been in the best known slot canyon. Actually I had attempted twice before but been rebuffed by potential weather problems, it's a high danger area for flash floods. Finally I set out with a brilliant blue sky and no forecast of change, though thin white clouds did appear.

Little Wild Horse is a very accessible slot canyon with a paved road leading right to the parking lot so in the spring and summer it is packed with people, it's hot in the summer but the high was only 40F today. As I arrived at the entrance to the canyon a sole hiker was emerging, he had done the complete Wild Horse/Bell Canyon loop and reported that there was no standing water which was great news. After that I had the whole place to myself.

This was as far as we got in Little Wild Horse, about one mile from the entrance. Biff couldn't figure out a way past here and got…