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Sunrise on Beas Lewis

It's pretty close to the solstice so when we woke up early it seemed like an appropriate time to go out for some sunrise pictures, not that I really think there is an appropriate time for such foolishness, the sun is supposed to be up before me! We decided to stay close and go up on the Beas Lewis Road just east of Torrey. It was a little chilly up there, about 45F with a breeze and the sun seemed to take a long time to come up. Eventually the first rays struck the top of the Anthill Then the Cockscomb lit up - it's made of white rock but glows red in the earliest sunlight And finally the sun poked up over the horizon Next the cliffs below Thousand Lake Mountain started to be illuminated along with the Prince's Plume which was abundant. Shortly after sunrise I managed to capture a ghost rushing to get back to it's daytime home This old tree has seen a few sunrises I could hear the smell of bacon and eggs so one last look and back to the house... Share