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Deer Creek Lake Trail

The Deer Creek Lake Trail starts from Utah Highway 12 on Boulder Mountain on the Boulder side of the summit. The trail is one of my favourites because, although it is enough of a climb to be good exercise, it is never steep enough to hurt the knees. You can make the hike as long as you like by using the Great Western Trail which crosses it. After ascending the initial slope there are great views back over Grand Staircase to the east. The trail crosses a number of meadows between groves of Aspen trees. Janet joined me for the hike and Frikka wanted to show off her new fall fashion jacket just in time for hunting season. We met David and Chantelle from Spanish Forks on their way down from the lake, they had spent some time fishing but without any luck. Biff photo-bombed of course.  The trail monster in the trees... The very first signs of autumn were about here and there. Janet was looking forward to the dogs getting a swim in Deer Creek Lake, but the lake