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Miner's Mountain

Janet had mentioned the Bees-Lewis Road just outside Torrey to the east a couple of times recently so it was time to go explore, we loaded up the Tundra with Whip, Louise, Eddd, Janet and I and headed out for a quick drive. I had been down the road once before but it seemed to end at a gate to a quarry, updated information told us that there was more to be found and after a quick tour around the quarry we took the right fork just after the gate. We immediately climbed onto a ridge overlooking highway 12 with spectacular views of Thousand Lake Mountain across the Torrey cliffs to the north, the Fremont Valley to the west and Boulder Mountain to the south. Thousand Lake Mountain over the Torrey Cliffs. Highway 12 Headed Up Towards Boulder Mountain Boulder Mountain and the Cockscomb (or Stegosaurus) From here the road turned towards Capitol Reef and climbed over the top of Miner's Mountain so that we could see the cliffs of Capitol Reef next to highway 24. Chimney Rock Boulder Mountai