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Sunset Over Bicknell Bottoms, March 30th 2013

Janet and I took a short drive to Bicknell in the evening to see if a couple of sand hill cranes we had seen (and heard)  flying over the house had returned to the same field as last year. They had, but they were too far away to get a worthwhile picture. Continuing on up the dirt road above Bicknell Bottoms we were treated to a magnificent glowing sunset against a background of dark blue storm clouds that had formed during the afternoon. The setting sun lit up the very end of Boulder Mountain behind Bicknell Bottoms and in front of a dark storm to the northeast  © 2013 Fremont River Photography An illuminated fence post caught my eye.                              © 2013 Fremont River Photography The Fremont River feeds the Bicknell Bottoms making many birds very happy in their refuge.   © 2013 Fremont River Photography We came across this magnificent example of Pheasant glory next to the Bottoms.  © 2013 Fremont River Photography