Death Valley

I've been going to Death Valley on Martin Luther King weekend for a number of years now with a couple of BMW motorcycle groups. Staying in the valley itself has become expensive and crowded in recent years so we now stay somewhere relatively nearby, this year it was in Pahrump. The weather in Utah was snowy so I didn't ride down there but took my Tundra instead.

Dante's View - it was cold - 24F here in the morning.
The view point is 5,475 feet above the lowest point in North America which is at the base of the cliff from where this picture was taken. On the far range of mountains just to the left of the edge of the picture is Telescope Peak at 11,049ft, the drop from the peak to the valley is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon. The white surface is salt beds.
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Death Valley is of course very very dry, there is little pesky vegetation to get in the way of the geology (though over 1000 species of plant do grow in the park). This is a view from the back side of Zabriskie Point.
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