Hiking Spring Creek Canyon - December 2015

Spring Creek Canyon is just south of Kanarraville and just north of Kolob Canyon near I15 in Utah. It's a beautiful canyon in the spring with lots of flowers and a nice little stream, I hadn't been there in the winter before.

Quite a lot of snow at the entrance to the canyon but four or five people had hiked it so the path was easy to find, it did make for rather uneven footing though.

It's about 1.5 miles from the parking area to the start of the narrow section here.

I was surprised at how much water there was in the creek, the temperature was right around freezing, the sun was melting the snow off the walls I suppose.
There be gold in that creek!

The canyon splits and splits and splits into a maze of small canyons heading up into Zion's high country.
Biff has a favourite hole he likes to climb into.
The canyon is quite gloomy down in the bottom but the sun lights up the higher walls nicely. The narrowest section I went through is probably about 10 feet wide with 100 foot walls.
When there is a reflection between the walls the canyon really glows.
Biff explored everything - find the dog!
How did I get here?
Frikka was with us but she mostly kept to the trail, her legs were too short for the deeper snow and she got spooked a couple of times by ice falling from the walls.

Golden stream.
The western exit of the canyon, looking across I15 in the slot there somewhere.


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