Exploring Sinbad Country

Having beaten up my knee I decided that I still needed to get out into the country while the weather was good so it was time for a truck trip. When I first started coming to Utah in the early 90s I used to go to the San Rafael Swell but I hadn't been back there since I moved here so it was time to put that right. This particular area of the swell is known as Sinbad Country because the rock formations look like those described in the Arabian stories.

My off road ride started in Temple Wash where I found this strange balanced rock on top of a spire.

As I went on I found all sorts of interesting rock formations - this is Dutchman Arch

The rest of the story is on my main blog


Unknown said…
I don't know how you have found my blog (please let me know), but I appreciate you reading and the comment you left. Torrey is such a beautiful place that I wish I could live there. I got the temperature data that I posted on my blog from the gas station in Lyman so I may have exaggerated or been given bogus info. I will be checking your blog often and would like to know if I could post a link to it on my blog.
Maddie said…
hi bob! your pictures are great, you should post more! my grandparents talk about you a lot too, i think they just love your work. my grandma said there was a possibility of me meeting you this weekend, guess we'll see :) have a great day!
karin said…
Yeah, like John I wonder how you found my blog. I posted a thanks on my blog.

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