Assault on Rim Lake

Rim Lake lies at the southern end of Boulder Mountain Top at an altitude of 10,853 feet, ever since I first discovered it a couple of years ago I've wanted to hike round it. Two weeks ago I set off to do that but took the wrong road and was then chased off the mountain by a thunderstorm. Since then pretty much every day has been stormy, this morning while sitting listening to the cricket commentary on the internet I noticed that there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
I quickly martialed the camera gear, riding gear, hiking gear and some lunch and headed out on the KLR. The KLR is a better bike for this kind of expedition than the CRF, the roads are not technical, it has carrying capacity and is much more comfortable with it's soft seat and saggy suspension. OK, so the lights don't work...
I blasted up the hill barely stopping, there were a few clouds forming but nothing threatening.

Until I reached the lake, the only place on the whole Aquarias Plateau with a storm was Rim Lake.
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As soon as I arrived it started to rain, then hail, pretty soon the hail didn't melt when it hit the track.
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