Flash Flood in Torrey

July 25th 2007

We have been having heavy thunderstorms every day for the last week with quite a lot of rain falling, on the evening of Tuesday 24th the
rain fell particularly heavily for a couple of hours over the canyon between the Anthill and Thousand Lake Mountain (and over Torrey at the same time).
This is the catchment area for Sand Creek which flows down from Thousand Lake Mountain then turns east across the north end of Torrey before joining
Sulphur Creek and flowing into Capitol Reef NP.

The bridge is on Center Street which runs up from the side of the Chuck Wagon to the Sleeping Rainbow area behind Torrey, this road was only just paved last year.

Looking west from the bridge, Sand Creek is normally a trickle at this time of year, maybe a couple of feet across and an inch or two deep, even during the snow melt it rarely has more than a foot of water in it.
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The water went right up over the bridge
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